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The new and improved website will showcase the program’s public service commitments such as those being shown on UNTV’s public service morning show, “Good Morning, Kuya!” Aside from this, the Ang Dating Daan site will also feature the program’s foray into satellite television via the TOP Channel on Dream Satellite TV.With its navigation-friendlier features and television-program-centered content, Ang Dating becomes more accessible to a wider range of publics.

“If a preacher has the Spirit of God, he knows whom he must forgive,” said Bro.

Eli, referring to the biblical passage in John -23. Eli then warned against forgiving sins that are against God. But if it is against God, His Spirit, then no,” he maintained. Eli explained that offering forgiveness, as well as showing mercy and kindness, are important so that one may achieve forgiveness from the Almighty.

This is where I really found love,” remarked Aunor during the Worldwide Bible Exposition that marked the anniversary. Eli his question about the role of women in the church. Eli, the Bible does not prohibit women to preach while “there is no dispute that the leader must be a man.” Serving as Chair of the House Committee on Justice, Tupas promotes a number of advocacies that include public health, youth scholarship program and medical assistance to indigent constituents in the fifth district of Iloilo.

Known internationally as “a Filipino screen legend,” Ms. Eli and Kuya Daniel’s preachings have helped guide their party list members in dealing with the challenges and struggles they face. Ten other guests from different remote points were able to raise their questions during the Bible Exposition event, ranging from forgiveness to extramarital affairs, among others. Archie Romero, one of the guests and inquirers from Dubai, UAE raises his question to Bro.

To be as truthful and faithful as possible to the words of God in the Bible, he said that he will be frank, and there will be no sugarcoating of answers just to appease or please any group or belief.

The International Televangelist asked attendees present to have an open-mind and understanding, and clarified that he is not attacking other beliefs when preaching.

But now that the Church’s official website, MCGI.org, is already in full swing, the revamped Ang Dating is out on a mission to help the propagation of God’s Word as the program’s official online home.

Taking into great consideration a multitude of audiences, the website’s developers indicated that the new Ang Dating will cater to all types of Internet users – from the youngest to the oldest of Truth-seeking souls.

Coinciding the celebration was a Bible Exposition where Bro.

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