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She obviously does not care, because she states she is doing "Whatever it takes to keep up with the Kardashians." Around the time her ass is even bigger to a ridiculously impossible size, Kardashia and Granddad go on a date when she suddenly acts weird and looks like is having a seizure, and collapses in her chair. A doctor says to Robert there is a chance she won't survive.

People exclaim her butt exploded, which really happened, as all the petroleum has fallen out from her dress. Huey and Riley meet a dying old lady named Mother Maria. After Granddad and Bench come back from "getting revenge" at the person who gave Kardashia her implants, it's learned she needs an AB Blood Transplant to live. Kardashia slightly awakens when she moves her hand weakly, and says sadly she just wanted to be on TV.

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"Granddad Dates a Kardashian" is the 6th episode of the 4th season of The Boondocks. The plot will follow Robert Freeman dating a woman named Kardashia Kardashian, who is a long-lost sister of the Kardashians.

Granddad begins dating a long-lost Kardashian sister named Kardashia.

What really puts Kardashia on the spotlight is her enourmous, bubbly ass, which even makes a weird gooey sound when Robert flirtatiously slaps it . Huey suspects something is going on when it is bigger the next time she visits (Resulting in furniture and objects being broken along with Kardashia turning the couch up the other way when she sits on it).

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