East asian american women and white men prejudice interracial dating

Perhaps there are just as many racist women out there as racist men but men just tend to be more open, vocal, upfront whereas the women hide it more, keep it to themselves, and publicize it less.

Having said that, racism in the most severe forms, such as hate crimes, against Asians is rare.

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It wasnt the robust, golden-haired athletes of football fame and high school glory that I wanted to meet either.

My particular fetish was for the ruddy-cheeked preppie: skinny arms, chicken legs and an awkward slope of hunched shoulders upon a thin, skeletal frame.

People would come up to me and stare with curiosity.

When our family first arrived in Japan we went to visit the local mall and I noticed a Japanese girl following me around and when I was near the bathrooms the girl flashed me I just walked away stunned.

Ladies, share with me your personal experiences of racism… Because for me, as an Asian American man, I have a laundry list of racist things that have happened to me throughout my life.

And most of my Asian guy friends have experienced the same.

So I wanted to bring up a topic that I’ve noticed recently.

It seems to me that as far as racism, bigotry, or prejudice, Asian women have far less been subject to these things than Asian men. Either way, it was a traumatic period in my life and to this day, I think back on it and cringe.

When I was young (about 12 years old), I had to live in Indonesia, Korea and Japan for two years because my dad worked overseas for a major oil company.

Since I have really bright blonde hair at the time (it has grown somewhat darker), I was an oddity in Japan and the rest of Asia.

This is a disturbing trend I see far too many perfectly decent Nordic men dating Asian wenches.

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