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By measuring this ratio, we can calculate the age of a sample. But radiocarbon comprises only about one trillionth of the carbon in living organisms. Painstaking work is required to isolate and measure only the original sample carbon and produce a reliable radiocarbon date, one that is scientifically accurate and numerically precise. At Aeon Laboratories, we pursue this goal with innovative proprietary technology, the skill and discipline required to execute exacting procedures, and a thorough understanding of chemical and biological principles.

A long-lost painting by Tom Thomson was sold at an art auction in Toronto for 1,250 on Wednesday, marking a reversal of fortune for both the artwork and the Edmonton woman who kept the painting in her basement for years.

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CARD fuzzes location data for public visitors to the database at 1:2,000,000 scale.

Accessing CARD's full capabilities requires a security-account available only to researchers at accredited institutions.

The stick, which researchers at Laval University carbon-dated to the late 18th Century — 1770 plus or minus 20 years — is owned by Brian Gallama of Ancaster.

After the carbon dating at Laval, Gallama brought it to Material Legacy for study."I am very excited about this scientific journey," Gallama said in a statement to CBC. I am in suspense and want to know more about the sticks and what's next on this forensic discovery." The company is calling the research "the hockey stick project." A key component was putting the stick through both micro and clinical CT scanners.

Kathleen Wynne says an NDP government would be too rigid and idealistic to head south of the border to advocate for Canada's steel industry.

A local company is studying what's believed to be Canada's oldest hockey stick and in the process, revealing information about our country's favourite sport.

See the HELP tab for more information and instructions on using CARD.

Our efforts to update and upgrade CARD are just beginning, and we are moving in two directions: to increase the quantity and quality of CARD data and to improve the functionality of the CARD platform. CARD data contains some errors and is in some cases incomplete, and we are engaged in a long-term process of scrubbing the data.

For that task, Howie and Allen sought the help of Andrew Nelson, an anthropologist at Western University.

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