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By the end of the war 18,000 servicemen were stationed at Burtonwood.Some of the serviceman were based at Canada Hall, an accommodation block on the site of the current University of Chester campus at Fearnhead, and at Bruche Hall, both in east Warrington.

Your letter was a welcome change in this regard, but only if it kick starts strong actions and leadership against the problem." In their letter, Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush and Jewish Leadership Council chair Jonathan Goldstein said they would only meet with Mr Corbyn if he agreed to "an agenda of actions for discussion" that should include: The groups also said Mr Corbyn must distance himself from criticism of Labour MPs who attended Monday's protest.

They said: "There is an urgent matter that we need you to address.

I cannot make any payment for any items, but I will credit your work. Burtonwood airfield was opened on 1 April 1940 as a servicing and storage centre for the modification of British aircraft. Altogether, there were three control towers on the base over the years.

Burtonwood Road, which takes you over the modern junction 8 on the M62 motorway, is the modern name - it was originally called Cow Lane.

It comes after Mr Corbyn tasked Labour’s new general secretary, Jennie Formby, with drawing up an “action plan” for tackling antisemitism in the party.

The plan will be discussed at the first meeting of the shadow cabinet after Easter, with new measures likely to be introduced to speed up the process of dealing with allegations.

revealed earlier this month that she was involved in giving a job to Vicki Kirby, who had previously been suspended for saying Jews have "big noses" and "slaughter" people, and calling Adolf Hitler "a Zionist God".

If you have memories of being stationed at any of these locations and/or have your own photographs you would like to share with readers, then please use the email link at the top and bottom of each page. The Fairey Aviation Company Limited, a British aircraft manufacturer, founded in 1915, with bases in Hayes in Greater London and Heaton Chapel and RAF Ringway in Greater Manchester, was appointed the parent company of the Burtonwood Repair Depot (BRD) in September 1940, and Mary Anne Site was developed for the BRD.

It arose from nearly three years of cumulative anger and despair in the Jewish community at repeated, numerous cases of antisemitism in the Labour Party and failures to deal with them in a decisive, swift and public manner.

"For whatever reasons, you have not, until now, seemed to grasp how strongly British Jews feel about the situation.

In a letter to Labour MPs on Wednesday, seen by , he wrote: “Following recent events and the [Parliamentary Labour Party] meeting on Monday, the shadow cabinet held an open and extremely constructive discussion on tackling antisemitism in the Labour Party.

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