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On vk: Anastasia FRAUD ... In addition the chief of police of Nikolaev gets ,000 cash each week from the mafia who run the agencies. This lady has removed her profile from Anastasia FRAUD but is from the same scam agency which sells profiles to all the scam sites (Russian brides, ua brides, mariya club, anastasia FRAUD etc etc) It gets rather boring to check the profiles on Anastasia FRAUD and find the girls have a partner, an undeclared child or a husband.

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This is one of the biggest scam businesses in Ukraine! ❤We would like to thank Evgenia Ostrovskaya for the information she provided that enabled this post.

Woman of the Nikolaev Anastasia FRAUD scam agency 16 (of 1204)On vk: photos on Instagram Anastasia FRAUD ... We would like to thank Evgenia Ostrovskaya for the information she provided that enabled this post. Keywords: “Anastasia date”, fraud, scam, theft, “Tanya Petrukhina”Woman of the Nikolaev Anastasia FRAUD scam agency 18 (of 1204): Tanya Petrukhina.

Anastasia is proactive in screening and identifying her Ladies while ferreting out those individuals and agencies who attempt to misuse the system. Draw your own conclusions about Anastasia FRAUDs battle against fraudulent dating practices!

FACT: Anastasia FRAUD gets its profiles from the Veronika agency in Nikolaev. ID=1577420on vk: below one of the photos on vk reads: In the world I need one man - one who is the beloved husband!

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RU Entertaining social network - communication with friends, photos and videos, movies and TV Series, music, games and groups. When we say girl 19 of 1204 we really mean we have 1204 proven fake profiles from Nikolaev (and a further 1130 possible frauds from Nikolaev, waiting confirmation from our investigators).When we post a profile we have carried out a full investigation of the lady, including full financials, criminal record checks, address checks (no it would be wrong to post them! Our posts are checked by lawyers to make sure we have the evidence to support our case should Anastasia FRAUD seek to use their legal muscle to silence us.From her remaining dating profile:“DESCRIPTION: I am quite a laid back and easy going person but can be serious when I have to be.I am honest and trustworthy as I don’t believe there is any point in lying to people. I am happy the way my life is going, but I know I would be so much happier if I could find the love of my life. RU" and tries to rank for the keywords "academy/military school", "actors", "alumni meeting", "alumnus", "army friend", "artists", "celebrities", "classmate", "colleague", "college", "conversations", "coursemate", "dating", "discussions", "family", "fellow student", "find", "former student", "free calls", "friend", "friends", "games", "gifts", "graduates", "group", "groups", "guests", "institute", "institute of higher education", "Internet calls", "Internet telephony", "mate", "messages", "photos", "pleasant conversations", "pupil", "relatives", "school", "search", "search classmates", "search friends", "search people", "shared interests", "singers", "student", "teacher", "technical school", "university" and "vocational technical school".

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