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Then she announced we would be painting, and who wanted to help set up the easels? (My one-year older sister was in first grade, so she talked about the seats.) I am one of the few people who loved everything about school right from the beginning. I do remember the day later in the year when I must have arrived late for some reason, and my father walked me to my classroom whereupon I lost it, clinging to him, crying.

With great excitement we put on our smocks and formed two lines. For some reason, I ended up standing on one of our little chairs, clinging to him crying. Greene, was the last person who should have been teaching wee ones. Fortunately, we only had half day kindergarten and my first grade teacher was the polar opposite, a lovely grandmotherly type.

Suddenly, a loud bell sounded, jarring the kids from their games and making the mothers sit up taller.

From the hallway, doors closed and the low murmur of teacher’s voices could be heard in their classrooms. Miss Wallace guided all the children into a tight semi-circle where she read from colorful storybooks. My mind’s eye pictured rows of folding chairs – my first big surprise.

The school calendar ruled what they could do and when they would do it.

Even though the playtime looked fun, I didn’t think I’d like school.

) and posted drunk snapchats with chicks (of course when I wasn’t there because we didn’t go out in public together….yes ding dong!

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